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Visit us after or before trekking to the roof of Africa ''Mountain Kilimanjaro'' and enjoy your stay by visiting Rau Eco & Cultural tourism program a place to share and maximize your experience, meet the people and contributing to community development.

Rau Eco & Cultural Tourism Enterprise is a community based organization which conducts Eco-friendly and responsible tourism activities through involving the local people who are the residence of Moshi in creating their awareness on environmental conservation, Eco-tourism and cultural tourism where some percentage of tourism revenue goes to support community projects.

Our tours
Nature forest walk
A guided walk in the forest will give you a chance to see an abundance of nature, covered by the unique tree species including the largest Milicia excelsa (Mvule Mkuu) specie in Africa, Oxystigma msoo which are rare elsewhere, and a lot of native tree with unique shapes and shrubs which make the forest a unique home for primates, birds, butterflies, squirrels and dik dik, also you will have 100 % chance see Black White Colobus monkeys, Blue monkeys.

Market tour
A visitor will have a chance to experience different products such as cash crops and local commodities selling to the market; also we will buy some so that we can go to preparation of local food with our visitor. However, during this tour; a visitor can be provided with historical information of Moshi town; also a visitor can visit historical sites like common wealth world wars grave yards and as well as learning and participating in artworks in Makonde handicraftsmen of Moshi and if interested to buy their product to support them.

Bird watching
With more than 50 birds species including forest birds, common waterlogged bird species as well as seasonal migratory birds that feeds on the rice farms. It’s all start from Rau Nature Forest extending to the rice farms on the local villages. Rau Nature Forest is probably one of the best places in Moshi for birders.
From the egrets to herons, hamerkop to storks and then there are ibises, African jacana, black-winged stilt, blacksmith lapwing, spackled pigeon (rock pigeon), African doves, speckled mousebird, African spoonbill, sunbirds, African paradise –flycatcher, African pied Wagtail, pied crow, raptors and common bulbul, there is certainly something to please any keen twitcher!

Rice farm tour
Walk through beautiful scenery of rice paddies in Mabogini village and get an insight on how rice is cultivated in these low land areas in Moshi where by our tour guide will explain all steps of rice cultivation while at the end of this tour you will have a chance to taste local food prepared from rice which includes Wali, Pilau and Vitumbua.

Village tour
A visitor will participate and involve in daily activities of the villagers such as farming activities especially in rice farm. Livestock keeping, local beer preparation and making like banana and maize beer, local red burnt bricks making and having coconut juice in Mandaka Mnono village. However, local food can be prepared and a visitor can stay in one of selected family (home stay) and ten percent (10%) of the money goes to village development. While a visitor is in the village can have a better view of Moshi town and Mount Kilimanjaro from the village.

Local food preparation
Our local mama will teach you how to prepare different local foods which are mostly preferred by the local residence in our community and you can be able stay with one chosen family. Those who are interested to learn how to prepare local foods are highly welcomed.

We organize extended biking tours:

Biking tour to Lake Challa (3 days)

The first day; cycling to lake Challa, we can start from Moshi which is 50 kilometre, the tour start at the junction of Dar es salaam and Marangu, using different routes on road and off road. Lake Challa trekking,walking in crater rim to the border between Tanzania and Kenya.
The second day; extending the cycling tour from lake Challa for Village cultural to experience Chagga lifestyle in one of the village nestled on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro 25 kilometres from campsite passing different hills there you will learn preparation of local brew such as banana and maize beer, coffee, having local food in the village and visiting chagga traditional cave and Chagga traditional house.
Third day; cycling back to Moshi town

Chemka hot spring (3 day)

First day; this tour will start from Moshi to Rundugai village which is 20 kilometre from Moshi town to explore the village. Visitors will have a chance to swim in strong water flow in spring with a constant temperature of 280
Second day; A visitor will have a chance to visit people and learn their culture especially Maasai and as well as participate in BBQ preparation, cattle herding and farming activities and home stay on Maasai Boma.
Third day; return back to Moshi.

Tree nurseries project
The project aims at raising native tree seedlings of Rau forest reserve and then supplying them to different groups and the community member around the edge of the forest where deforestation is a serous problem then transplant the same species outside the forest to reduce pressure of over exploitation of forest resulting to deforestation as the community will be able to depend on their own trees harvesting.


welcome to Moshi town to explore the nature and cultural beauty

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